Skin Tightening for Face, Neck, and Body

Refine Medical Aesthetics is proud to bring you Morpheus8. This radio frequency based treatment provides skin tightening for the face, neck and body. In addition to skin tightening, this treatment improves stretch marks, acne scarring, texture issues and active acne.

With an initial series of 3 treatments, results typically last 1-2 years and then require only one annual treatment to maintain and extend results. Downtime is generally minimal. Individual experiences may vary. 

This energy based device prompts us to create new collagen and elastin in a smoother, tighter more youthful way.

Morpheus8 is considered the best in its class and we use a specially compounded numbing pre-treatment to minimize discomfort.

Consultations are required as treatment plans are individualized. At the consultation, we will review pricing (similar to that of a Botox or Filler appointment), pre and post care instructions and schedule your series. We also offer Pro Nox for additional comfort.

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